Physical Culture Collective offers classes in three different yoga practices; Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Long & Strong. Choose the style that best meets your needs or round out your practice with a combination of all three. See class descriptions below.


This passive practice focuses on deep stretching and breathing. Designed for everyone. No experience necessary.

Yin Yoga (also known as Passive Yoga or Taoist Yoga) can help restore us physically, emotionally, psychologically, and perhaps even spiritually.  In the act of finding balance between Yin & Yang, we use a new approach to a familiar practice by shifting the perspective toward stillness. Yin Yoga is meant as a compliment to Yang (active) exercises such as resistance training or other forms of Yoga, or martial arts. It is used to help achieve lengthening of the connective tissue (ligaments, fascia and sometimes tendons) rather than engaging the muscles and cardiovascular system. 

Energy flows through our connective tissue and can be impeded by scar tissue, un-use, negative thinking, and suppressed emotions. The practice of Yin Yoga can begin to open those energy lines throughout the body providing a great release while becoming centered, yet open. Changing the resting length of the connective tissue greatly improves flexibility and help us move towards a balance within. 



Lengthen and strengthen while engaging the entire body. This class focuses on elements of breath, structural alignment, and developing skills to tune up your bod using Pilates based refinement and a deeper understanding of selected Yoga poses.



Align movement and breath in this deepened Yoga practice. Poses form and move into each other in a flowing style creating a smooth transition into the next pose. Each pose is maintained to focus deeper on specific alignment.