Coach Brent Bartley

Long and arduous are the two words that come to mind when describing my personal road to being physically fit. Life as a severely obese high school student made me popular with the football team, but presented many other challenges socially. As a result, this has led me on a quest to be in the best shape possible. Sometimes with great results, sometimes not so much, but my experience has helped me to fully appreciate the hardships of a person who struggles with his/her weight. 

In 2000, I discovered Muay Thai. This intense sport from Thailand continues to rank as the best workouts I’ve ever experienced. I tend to base most of my training with clients/students on the things I’ve learned while training myself. With that said, it’s pretty obvious that most of my clientele have no desire to ever step in the ring, so workouts are complimented with a balanced program of free weights, flexibility training, and cardiovascular exercise. Like most people who start training Muay Thai, I had no desire to get into the ring, but six years later that all changed when I decided to enter the World Kickboxing Association’s national tournament. Taking second place in a field of eight was very rewarding, but left me with regrets. I have continued fighting on an amateur level and to date have amassed a record of 2 wins, with 2 KO’s, and 2 losses.  

One of the things that has helped me immensely in my training has been my experience working as a Muay Thai instructor and personal trainer at various fitness clubs in NYC. Teaching has helped me realize and learn how to correct mistakes for myself and others and I also love the opportunity to show my competition clients/students how to get in the ring and perform at their highest levels. In January of 2010, I decided to escape the cold of NYC and spend time traveling and training in Thailand. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I trained twice per day for roughly three hours per session with some of Thailand’s best Thai boxers. The closest thing I can compare it to would be like going to spring training with the NY Yankees. It was a great way to shore up some of my old techniques and learn some new skills, but most importantly it left me feeling highly invigorated and motivated to get my students/clients into the best shapes of their lives. 

I’m really excited to announce a new chapter as I begin teaching classes with the team at PCC.

Coach Brent is available for both private and semi private sessions and they can be booked by appointment personally.