Naomi’s lifelong passion for sports and fitness began when she competed in both tennis and swimming as a child. As an adult, Naomi took up triathlon for recreation which culminated in completing an Ironman in 2010. She decided to switch direction and started training Muay Thai. Muay Thai led her to the innovative strength and conditioning programs of Gavin Van Vlack, where she learned the importance of bringing fun and play back into movement and into other people’s lives. 


-National Strength and Conditioning Certified Personal Trainer, NSCA CPT

-Kettlebell Athletics, KBA Level 1+2

-Dynamic Variable Resistance Training, DVRT Level 1

Naomi is currently studying for an advanced certification through NSCA, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and plans to compete in Muay Thai again in the near future.